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Learn how to dubble Google AMP from search

As Salamu Alaikum, I hope you are good. Alhamdulillah, I am also good in your supplication. But I know today that the topic I came to talk about is that it does not know about 90% of people. Actually everyone is familiar with the thing but the name is actually unknown. So first let's introduce you to that name, and then show you how to dabble it. Today I started the topic sooner? I feel like I have become very polite day by day. Ha ha ha be nice to be good? Actually the time has made me polite. So, leaving the bad habit of writing more than necessary.

So let's know what AMP is?
AMP's full form is that accelerated mobile pages are launched by Google that websites are loaded very quickly on mobile devices. Basically this is an open source HTML framework that increases the performance of the website by java script, CSS style and other things that slog the website into pieces.
So let's see what Practical Amp search results actually are. So you have to take your Android phone…

Be careful! C-cleaner is infected by viruses. Your secret files can go to hackers. Find out what to do

Many of us use antivirus software to keep the computer safe. Again many of us use different types of cleaning software to keep the computer fast. With these software we can delete the junk file of our computer. Those who have very little hard disk size, they use more such software. And among these software, the best cleaning software for the best is C-Cleaner.. 

But if you say that there is a virus inside this C-cleaner? Surely be very surprised. Because many people have been removing unnecessary files from their PC due to C-Cleaner for a long time. But security experts have found a malware in C-Cleaner's 5.33 version. Those malware that you create can control your PC far away. It's a big security risk to understand.

A free software created by C-Cleaner is Avest. Avest is a trustworthy organization. But hackers hacked their servers and inserted their malware inside the C-cleaner's update file. As a result, those who have updated C-cleaner have been infected by this malware. …

The water on the phone, the phone will do the same as before.

Nothing can be done in the present condition of the present condition of Bangladesh, and nothing can be done properly. No one can get out of the house in a sunny sunshine or some day in the rain. Whenever there is going to be burnt in the sun while going somewhere, it is necessary to get wet in the rain during the time of Asa. In the country of sixty years now it is difficult to find two days. Now it is summer, which is the rainy season and some of which is the only one in the calendar.

There is no effect in nature. It is not possible to protect the mobile phone from public life. After seeing the sky clean, I went out by seeing the sunny rain, suddenly the sky was clouded and the rain came and everything was wet. Changes in the climate in the center. Along with the handset mobile phone too. If you do not have clothes or something to dry then it will be okay but what will happen to the mobile phone. It is possible to rectify the phone by adopting a few basic rules, according to some r…

5 budget laptops that you can buy in this 2017 !!

When it comes to budget laptops, maybe we can play games around there, but not in flower resolutions. Your laptop must do all your work as a re-placement of your old desktop, which can be used on your desktop. So for those who want to buy laptops as a desktop option, today's tune is about $ 500 to  40000. BDT Tk

Best Desktop Replacement Asus X555DA AS11

If you are not gamer or if you are not someone who does not like something powerful like the desktop, you can stop using the desktop PC now. You can purchase this notebook instead of your desktop. It's a power saving smart laptop, which will give you everything you need to use the average.
Asus X555 DA AS11 is a stunning laptop with an HD display of 15.6 inches display with anti-glare finish. You can get all the port you need for your connectivity. But the one thing missing is Ethernet port but instead it offers WiFi capability. There is also a DVD drive and a writer. This notebook is great for students with everything.
Asus X…

How to Show IMO Namber "Imu Numbers"

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Install BPL live game and get updates now

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The 5th edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), the biggest and popular event in Bangladesh, is being screened from November 3 in T20 cricket. There are a total of 46 matches, including the final in 7 teams. The 5th edition will take place on December 12 through the final match. In round form, each team will play two games for themselves. Every day DAY and NIGHT will be played. No match will be kept for the rest of the match except the final. The BPL matches will be completed in three venues this time. The venues are Mirpur Stadium in Dhaka, MA Aziz Stadium Chittagong and Sylhet International Stadium.

What we can find in our app:

1. Live all the games

2. Each team's details

3. Always match updates

4. Point table

5. BPL match schedule

6. Past match results

7. Much more

So do not delay, install the app now and keep the news of the BPL with a small app on mobile at home.

Stay with all the good things of Bangladesh.  Thank you.

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Hello, how are you all? I am fine. Hope you're fine.
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