Be careful! C-cleaner is infected by viruses. Your secret files can go to hackers. Find out what to do

Many of us use antivirus software to keep the computer safe. Again many of us use different types of cleaning software to keep the computer fast. With these software we can delete the junk file of our computer. Those who have very little hard disk size, they use more such software. And among these software, the best cleaning software for the best is C-Cleaner.. 

But if you say that there is a virus inside this C-cleaner? Surely be very surprised. Because many people have been removing unnecessary files from their PC due to C-Cleaner for a long time. But security experts have found a malware in C-Cleaner's 5.33 version. Those malware that you create can control your PC far away. It's a big security risk to understand.

A free software created by C-Cleaner is Avest. Avest is a trustworthy organization. But hackers hacked their servers and inserted their malware inside the C-cleaner's update file. As a result, those who have updated C-cleaner have been infected by this malware. So if you have downloaded and installed the C-Cleaner in two or more days, uninstall it without delay.

If you have updated the C-Cleaner, please do not delay the software now completely uninstall. Because if it does not, then all the important things on your computer can be stolen. C-Cleaner software has been downloaded more than 2 billion times throughout the whole year. It is available for Windows and Mac.

C-Cleaner's developer Piriforme told everyone about this malware on September 12. But I do not know about this. So downloading the malware-effected version of C-Cleaner. So avoid refraining from downloading C-cleaner.

How does this malware work?

Malware Effective C-Cleaner is downloaded and installed after this malware starts. At first it will send your computer name, the name of the software that is installed on the computer, the computer's mac address and what processes are run on the computer in a specific address. Then hackers will not have to say what they will do with these detectives

According to experts, this free version of C-Cleaner downloaded about 2.27 million users to their computer. Understand how many people have been infected by the virus. However, Avast says they have solved this problem within just 72 hours. However, no news has been found that this virus has been damaged.

Viruses are constantly being damaged by computers. But through such credible the virus rarely spreads. But hopefully the future of Avast will not be a victim. And I have already said that for some days uninstall the C-cleaner. Because it may contain more malware.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading the tune. You must know how tune it was. Everyone will be good, be healthy.



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