Learn how to dubble Google AMP from search

As Salamu Alaikum, I hope you are good. Alhamdulillah, I am also good in your supplication. But I know today that the topic I came to talk about is that it does not know about 90% of people. Actually everyone is familiar with the thing but the name is actually unknown. So first let's introduce you to that name, and then show you how to dabble it. Today I started the topic sooner? I feel like I have become very polite day by day. Ha ha ha be nice to be good? Actually the time has made me polite. So, leaving the bad habit of writing more than necessary.

So let's know what AMP is?

AMP's full form is that accelerated mobile pages are launched by Google that websites are loaded very quickly on mobile devices. Basically this is an open source HTML framework that increases the performance of the website by java script, CSS style and other things that slog the website into pieces.

So let's see what Practical Amp search results actually are. So you have to take your Android phone now or take it to the iPhone. Go to google search only by donald trump Immediately after searching, you can look like the picture below.

Seeing the name of the website with the View icon

Now let's know what is the advantage of Google AMP?

This is not the case with Google Mama. Of course there are some benefits. Its main advantages are that the pages that come in the amp search are loaded very fast. As soon as you click there, the page will be opened. If you do not believe click on It will load up to 4 times faster than the normal page. It is most useful when your net speed is much slower.

Besides, these amp pages charge less than 10 times the data compared to the other pages. So this type of page is very important for those who use the Internet to buy megabytes. Because this page is loaded so quickly, you will be surprised to see it. And so they are in the rank of Google search engine. So most web masters integrate AMP on their website.

Some of the difficulties of Google AMP

It looked good to hear the advantages of so long. Is not it? Let's also know about some disadvantages. It is not unusual to have some of the things that are actually useful. So there is some difficulty with Google AMP.

AMP publishes some of the valuable things of Publishers, and advertisements are also limited to a few options. And there are few options for Website Analytics. It depends on the publishers whether they will use the AMP on their site. If they consider just the best aspects of AMP then they can use AMP. And if you have business objectives then you can not use it. Besides, this AMP has the message to the original link. So if you share the link, it will be shared in the AMP format, which is not a good one to see.

And IOS devices do not work much functionality on AMP websites. The universal scroll top does not work ... and the find-on-page feature in Safari does not work.

However, there are many more such problems. So today's main topic is how to disable the results of AMP Google's search results. Let's go the same way.

How To Disable Google Search MP?
1. Use Encrypted Google Search:

Your job is to look at the encrypted search results with emphasis on Google. So you have to write your address increment encrypted.google.com

If you want to always go to this page, then set it as the default home page. It will work on Android devices iPhone and iPad.

2. Use DeamPify at Android

Dampify is an Android app that does not allow you to bypass the AMP link and enter the original link. But one thing should be kept in mind that it will work only when you use your Android phone's Google Search app. It will search directly from Google Chrome but will not work.

So after installing DeAmpify, search the Google Search app and then say, to select a browser. Then select Deampify and click on Always. Then you will see the original link in Chrome.

Download: DeAMPify for Android (Free with ads)

Maybe you know a lot about this dunk. But if you do not say anything then you will mind. Actually this is a service that is a privacy focused search engine. Google will not track you if you use it. And using this dakkadgo you will not get an amp version when you search Google. It is applicable only for both Android and iOS devices.

If you are an Android or IOS user, then work like the image below.



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