The water on the phone, the phone will do the same as before.

Nothing can be done in the present condition of the present condition of Bangladesh, and nothing can be done properly. No one can get out of the house in a sunny sunshine or some day in the rain. Whenever there is going to be burnt in the sun while going somewhere, it is necessary to get wet in the rain during the time of Asa. In the country of sixty years now it is difficult to find two days. Now it is summer, which is the rainy season and some of which is the only one in the calendar.

There is no effect in nature. It is not possible to protect the mobile phone from public life. After seeing the sky clean, I went out by seeing the sunny rain, suddenly the sky was clouded and the rain came and everything was wet. Changes in the climate in the center. Along with the handset mobile phone too. If you do not have clothes or something to dry then it will be okay but what will happen to the mobile phone. It is possible to rectify the phone by adopting a few basic rules, according to some rules.

How to attend the water on the phone:

Unplug the battery in the phone immediately after standing in a dry place or returning home. Remove any mobile phone that does not have battery operating system. Remove the SIM and memory. Battery, SIM, after removing the memory, remove the phone with a well dry soft cloth or tissue. If the water is in water, keep the rice filled inside. The rice will dry up the inside water. When the water is dry, first insert the battery and ON, if it is on, then insert SIM, start the phone using the phone again, and if the battery is inserted then charge the charge. Do not charge wet mobile any time, it can be short-circuit, and the inside of the mobile device may be damaged. If you do not have the charge after charging, then use the new battery, if not, show the service center nearby. After the mobile launch, heavy work on the mobile Avoid using such heavy games, heavy software, more time internet.



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