How to change the ringtone in the Imo.

Hope you are all good. I have come up with a great tutorial for you today which is the one

How to change the ringtone in the Imo. We can not change the ringtone in many Imagine. I hope you find it today's tutorial. I would like you to take a screenshot of it with today's tutorial for you. If it looks like the tutorial will share.

You can enjoy this feature by following the steps below

1, first open the Imu app from your mobile

2, after opening Imo apps, click on the icon in the corner of the software to see the icon in the menu below.

3, you can click settings from your apps

4, scroll down to the bottom and follow the screenshot below

5, If you want to change the ringtone of your Imo, change the ringtone on your phone as you wish, just select the ringtone from here.

Hope this tutorial will be of great help to you. If you come to the benefit of this tutorial, please share this tutorial with your friends who do not know about this tutorial.

If you do not understand our video tutorial and you can see the link below

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