How to Delete imo Story 2019 (English)

Hope you are all good. I have come up with a great tutorial for you today which is the one

We have the story of Friend's friend in Imo. We want to remove the Butt to remove it. Hope you like today's tutorials. I would like you to take a screenshot of this with me today's tutorial for you, if you like, definitely will have to share the tutorial.

You can enjoy this feature by following the steps below

1, first uninstall the IMO which is installed on your mobile

2, follow the link given below and download it in the Imo action you provided

3, download the software that you downloaded, you want to remove IMO status of your Jai mobile phone

3, if you notice the following screenshot, you can see that the icon of a setting appears next to the status of the settings, if you click on the icon, then see the following screenshot.

4, if you want Friends of Friends and any other options, you can remove or off all these statuses.

Hope this tutorial will be of great help to you. If you come to the benefit of this tutorial, please share this tutorial with your friends who do not know about this tutorial.

If you do not understand our video tutorial and you can see the link below

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